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Extensions for basic sets

These Waytoplay kits and accessories extend the basic kits.

We order Waytoplay for you from the Netherlands, because it is a great addition to the Rockerboard.


The ROAD TO RECOVERY cardboard road toy (8 pieces), that measures 192 cm length. Includes 4 curves, 3 straights and 1 very cool square parking. Special striping in yellow: "roadblocks and detours". Inside use only, you can doodlen on the back.

Back and Forth car Woody - Can’t tell the front from the back? Just leave it up to a child’s imagination, they’ll find their own way to drive Back and Forth! Dimensions: 10 x 3,5 cm



20 EUR
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  • Road to Recovery 17 EUR IN STOCK
  • Start & Finish Extension set 9.9 EUR IN STOCK
  • Parking Extension Set 9.9 EUR IN STOCK
  • Long Straight Extension Set 19.9 EUR IN STOCK
  • Mixed Extension Set 25 EUR IN STOCK
  • Wooden car natural 19.9 EUR IN PRODUCTION

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