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Waytoplay basic kits

Waytoplay is more than a toy. Each set includes easy-to-connect road segments. Straight routes, turns, parking places, roundabouts, intersections and more.

Waytoplay flexible road is made of premium rubber safe for children.

Take it wherever you go. In and out! On carpet, parquet, bath, playground or bumpy garden path. Turns any place into your playing path.

Open end sets can be infinitely collapsed and added.

Let your child find a way to play and become the king of the road.


RING ROAD - 170cm length, 8 curves, 2 straights, 1 intersection and 1 roundabout

EXPRESSWAY - 258cm length, 8 curves, 6 straights, 1 intersection and 1 roundabout

GRAND PRIX - 384 cm length, 16 curves and 8 straights, printed on both sides

HIGH WAY - 376cm length,12 curves, 8 straights, 2 intersections and 2 roundabouts

KING OF THE ROAD - 648cm length,16 curves, 16 straights, 4 intersections and 4 roundabouts


35 EUR
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  • Expressway 44 EUR IN STOCK
  • Grand Prix 63 EUR IN STOCK
  • King of the Road 105 EUR IN STOCK
  • Highway 63 EUR IN STOCK
  • Ringroad 35 EUR IN STOCK

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