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Softie for Spectra

Softie. Soft mattress for the Spectra rocker.

It is tailor-made. You put it between the Spectra sides, so that it rests on them all along and the soft nest is ready.

It is made for us by Vigvam design from Pilsen. The fabric is 100% cotton also on the coated buttons. The mattress is made of foam padding.

The mattress lacks a removable cover. If necessary, wash the whole mattress and dry it in the straightened position. Do not use a dryer.


The size of the Softie is 88x43cm, so that it fits beautifully exactly into the swing.


Order the Spectra rocker here.


Suitable for children from 1 year.

Fabric with OekoTex certificate class I. The buttons meet the size standard.

Producer Vigvam design  

46 EUR
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  • Beige / pastel buttons 46 EUR IN STOCK
  • Beige / full buttons 46 EUR IN STOCK
  • Mint / pastel buttons 46 EUR IN PRODUCTION
  • Gray / pastel buttons 46 EUR IN STOCK
  • Gray / full buttons 46 EUR IN PRODUCTION
  • Pink / pastel buttons 46 EUR IN PRODUCTION
  • Beige / white buttons 46 EUR IN STOCK

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