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Table lamp small

Table, decorative or night lampThe lamp can be read comfortably (thanks to the direct light on the back) or just leave the front underdrawing light, which illuminates the children's motif.

Table lamps 19x19 cm - carved LED lamps with backlit motif on the front and direct white light on the back. The lamp is equipped with LED diodes and powered by an external 12V power supply to the socket.

There is a toggle switch on the luminaire, which has three positions:

1. only decorative light on (image motif backlight)

2. off

3. turn on decorative and direct light on the back


Color of the indirect light: extra warm white

Color of the direct light: warm white

Power/voltage/power:4W / 12V / 0.33A

Location possible: on a walled area

Dimensions (width x height x depth): 19x19x4,5cm

Material: Surface plates with surface treatment

Operation: Manual switch on the lamp

Stands: Mounting plate 8mm

External plug part for 12V

External plug part for 12V - Input voltage of the power supply: 100-240V AC- Output voltage of the power supply: 12V DC / 1.5A- operating current: 18W

Weight:0.7 kg


50 EUR
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