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Swallow balanceboard

New conception of traditional balance board. Balance, relax, strengthen, practice, fly, have fun.

Utukutu Swallow balance board is designed for both children and adults - it brings fun to the whole family. It is safe, fun and strengthen the whole body. Swallow improves not only motor skills, core muscles and stability but also patience, will and concentration.

You will need approximately 2 meters of open space. You can start with Swallow on a carpet.  The special Utukutu waves enable to choose from different difficulty levels, depending on which side of Swallow you use. Practice from one side and then turn Swallow up side down – rise difficulty level - and improve your skill form the other side of Swallow. With improved skills use harder surface. Swallow engages mainly the male part of family and as such it strengthens the father-child bonds.


Capacity: 250kg

Dimensions: 80x30 cm

Weight: 4kg

Made of: hard beech wood

Recommended age: 4-99 years

Surface: oiltreated

Maintenance: wet cloth

Manufactured in the Czech Republic using beech wood, cylinder is made of plastic durable material. Wood is a natural product thus it varies in shades and contains knots. For indoor use in households.



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