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Spectra rocker


Spectra is a multifunctional toy, which stimulates the senses, awakens imagination, strengthens muscles and promotes the development of balance and of the art of magic. A simple spell suddenly turns the swing into a bridge, a tunnel, a house, a seat, a climbing frame, a slide or a counter. The more imaginative the wizard, the more transformations it can undergo. Watch out, little magicians, the Spectra swing fits two of you. Thanks to its design, the Spectra can be an unobtrusive natural accessory, as well as a radiant element, which will cheer up your kid and your home alike.


This is a KIT, you will receive it unassembled pre drilled and with the hardware needed to assembly it. Box of size approx. 70x45x7cm.


Design: Petr Fiala petr-fiala.cz 

Made of: layered birchwood

Dimensions: 75x43x45 cm

Weigh: 6,5 kg

Capacity: 60 kg

Lifetime: until burning

Recommended age:  1 - 5 

Certification: Utukutu Spectra is CE certified according Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC. CE certification is done by: Technical and Testing Institute

139 EUR
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  • Spectra rocker Ema 139 EUR
  • Spectra rocker Emil 139 EUR
  • Spectra rocker Fullcolor 139 EUR
  • Spectra rocker Kiss 139 EUR
  • Spectra rocker Moustache 139 EUR
  • Spectra rocker Natural 139 EUR
  • Spectra rocker pastel 139 EUR
  • Spectra rocker white 139 EUR

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