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It's not just an ordinary rainbow rocker. A simple reversal becomes the bridge or ladder or tunnel houses, jungle gym, slide, or lectern.
Younger children like to use a sense of nests and the possibility of swinging a sitting position.
They can creep under, climb, sit on it. It can become a mountain and lake. When Spectra turn sideways arises lectern where children can play on shopping or they can build a mysterious stash.
With colorful Spectra tuning is cheerful and radiant. A child's imagination goes into overdrive. Movement on the Spectra stimulates the sensory organs, helping the proper development of muscles and promotes balance system in the body of the child.

This is a KIT, you will receive it unassembled pre drilled and with the hardware needed to assembly it. Box of size approx. 70x45x7cm.


Design: Petr Fiala petr-fiala.cz 

Made of: layered birchwood, beechwood, sprucewood

Dimensions: 75x43x45 cm

Weighr: 5,5 kg

Capacity: 60 kg

Lifetime: until burning

Recommended age:  1 - 5 

139 EUR
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January 2018

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