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Kidvak - hanging swing for babies


Kidvak is a children's hanging cradle that perfectly adapts to the child's needs. The baby is in a position that is absolutely natural and reminds him of the times in his mother's tummy.

The cradle is suitable for both sleeping and daytime sleep. You can only put the child to sleep in Kidvak and then move him to the bed or cot. It is also a great way to tip a baby out of a carrying scarf or a stretcher. If the baby wakes up, it is easy to fall asleep again.

The cradle is enriched with an element of interest to the child. The lying child sees colored loops that catch his attention. It is also possible to hang toys in them.

Kidvak will become an effective accessory in your home.

The material is 100% cotton, which can be easily washed in the washing machine and also dried in the dryer after removing the other parts.

Inside is a sheep wool liner, which has thermoregulatory and antibacterial properties.

Color: Herb Pattern

Load capacity: Up to 25 kg

Age: 0 - 36 months

Dimensions: The dimensions of the inner liner are 40 x 75cm
What you will find in the package: Textile bag, Wooden rod with sleeve, 2 pcs carabiner, Spring, Safety cable, Spring sleeve, Sheep wool insert - thermoregulatory and antibacterial properties, Packaging

Material: Bag - 100% cotton, Lining - sheep wool

Installation: You can attach the Kidvak by hanging it on the ceiling or on a special structure that attaches to the door or wall. There are also separate stands. The stand and the ceiling anchor are not included in the package.

Package weight: 2 kg

Maintenance instructions:

• Kidvak can be washed in a 40º washing machine (gentle program) and tumble dried.

• In the enclosed instructions you will find a detailed description of how to wash the bags without the fabrics staining each other.

• The sheep wool insert also has its own sewn-in maintenance instructions, washing is possible by hand or in a low-temperature hand washing machine. We recommend using a wool product with lanolin.
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