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Kid Helper - Learning tower


The Kid Helper was developed with regard to functionality, safety, but also design and space. It is safe, looks great and it won’t take up too much space. It helps to set up safe learning environment for children from very young age. Invite children to the kitchen and let them work with you. Let them make breakfast, mix salad, wash the dishes or learn to cut. Safely and comfortably.

The Kid Helper links the world of kids to the world of adults. Engage children in all activities of practical life. It will help your children to become part of your life even at places where they cannot reach. Thanks to the Kid Helper you can pass on your experience and share the fun of cooking and other activities with your little ones. They will be more independent and will learn faster if you enable them to safely share the space of adults.

The Kid Helper is a version of learning tower, which grows with the child. Once the child doesn’t need it you can simply remove the bird’s sides and use it as a stepladder for the whole family. Children usually use it between the age from 1 to 8. Then, it can serve you as a common wooden stepladder.



3 in 1:

Kid Helper with wings (safety feature) – 1-2 years

  • From the moment the child is standing. The child is cruising along furniture and interested in what you are doing where it cannot see and reach.
  • The Utukan’s wings keep the child safe while neither you nor the child can fully anticipate child’s moves.
  • Child does not climb itself to the Kid Helper but parent places the child in there from the top.
  • Load capacity of the wings is 15kg

Kid Helper without wings – 1,5-3 years

  • Child has its moves under control, but needs the side support
  • Child climbs in and out of the Kid Helper itself.
  • According to child’s hight you can adjust hight od the upper step

Kid Helper Stepladder without sides – 3-99 year

  • 3 adjustable hights of the upper step
  • Children around 7 years old still actively use the Stepladder with upper step in the lowest position.
  • Then you can adjust the upper step such as to satisfy the whole family for daily use; eg. To reach to high places.


Supplied in a flat box. It is a KIT, you will receive it unassembled pre-drilled and with the hardware needed to assembly it. Flat box of size approx. 88x44x8cm.


Capacity: 120kg

Wing capacity (safety feature): 15kg

Made of: hard beech wood

Surface: natural pigmented oil/varnish

Maintenance: wet cloth

Recommended age: 1-99 years

Versions: Natural, Bird series – Utukan, Stork or Flamenco


Hight with sides: 87cm

Hight of stepladder: 50cm

Hight of steps: 25/35/45cm

Weight: 8,4kg

Weight with wings: 8,8kg


205 EUR
Sleva e-shop: 0 %


count pcs

  • Kid Helper White Feathers 205 EUR
  • Kid Helper black feathers 205 EUR
  • Kid Helper Natural 205 EUR
  • Safety Bar Natural 19 EUR
  • Safety Bar Stork 19 EUR
  • Safety bar Toucan 19 EUR

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