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Holder Utupeg

Utupeg is a wall mount holder that guarantees that you can dance on the floor in the evening instead of jumping over Utukutu.

You simply screw this accessory into the wall

and hang your Spectra swing or Climbou ladder on it.

Screw the holder to a sufficient height so that hanging Utukutu does not motivate your kids to climb upwards.

The holder is not intended for this purpose and is not a toy.


Material: Birch plywood, color printing.

The package contains the holder in the disassembled state and screws with an Allen key. It is really easy to assemble, you can do it with your children.

You must purchase suitable dowels and screws to anchor the holder. The reason is that a different material is needed for each wall. And most of us have two dowels and 2 black screws suitable for the wall at home.



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