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Rockerboard natur and coloured


Did you know that kids have to first learn to balance before they can move on to more complicated and complex motor skills such as climbing stairs and walking? Utukutu balance boards are great for developing core strength, encouraging balance, flexibility and building strength in little people.

Utukutu beechwood rocking balance board can be use easily like a swing or slide, sit on it or use it as a table, hide behind it, crawl under it, use it as a sales stand. In addition you can also use it as a bridge or road for wooden animals or way for wooden cars.

Your kid will also love to lie on the Utukutu rocking Board and relax. There are endless possibilities.

Safety instructions

Always let children play under adult supervision and let them get used to the Utukutu board. Utukutu board is designed for indoor play, it may be used outside but this will accelerate wear of the wood.


Age: 3 years +, Weight limit: 200 kg, Size: 80x30 cm, Weight: 3,5 kg, Made In: Czech republic, Wood: Certified European PEFC beech wood, Finishes: Water-based transparent lacquer or oil

Utukutu rockerboard is CE certified according Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC. CE certification is done by: Technical and Testing Institute


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