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Children need to discover it and develop their imagination.  

They can devise hundreds of different ways to play and have fun. They become researchers and thanks to the discovery learn new things. All the playing and moving around helps them to develop their mental and motor skills. Therefore, we produce toys that allow it to strengthen the body and mind #utukutuThey do not have one purpose, but force a child's imagination to explore their options. Our recommendation is: "Trust your children and watch them quietly exploring. You will be surprised how many options use by one thing alone to find."


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rozvoj myšlení

Develops skills

Balance. Coordination. Grace of movemet. Gross motor. Imagination. Cooperation. Aesthetic sensibilities. Work left and right hemispheres. Speech capabilities.  



Because each of our product is multipurpose. And certainly will surprise you what it is used just for your children. Because the only limit is our "grown-up" fantasy.




Yes, all products are safe. If you trust your children. And if you know that thanks to the discovery and lessons children improve their motor function. Each of our products has CE safety certification.

Ruční výroba

Handmade production

All products are manufactured in the Czech Republic from high quality wood and using only non-toxic paints and glues. We seek to minimize waste and environmental impact.